I admit it. I’m not the world’s hugest metal fan. Too often it leaves a bad taste in my ears, or I’m straight up frightened of it. The kinda gal that hears the first screeching line and runs to the radio to either:

1. Change the channel and think about puppies and rainbows, or

2. Make ridiculous noises while I frantically figure out how to turn the radio off / rip it out of the wall.

HOWEVER, Melbourne band Conjurer, I dig. I would even consider a wee mosh to it if it was allowed/didn’t get me stabbed*.

conjurer band

Listing influences such as Periphery, Dead Letter Circus and Porcupine Tree, this five piece have only been around for a year. Last year, they released their debut EP Dissociate, blending metal with progressive rock sounds. Not only that, but they managed to score a support slot on Circles national tour with only a few shows to their name.

This year it seems they plan to keep the momentum rolling with a soon to be released debut film clip AND full length album already in the works. Bizz-ayyyyy.

Catch them TODAY (March 6) with Death Audio, Transience and Cold Divide at NEXT! o-week party or lurking in the darkness, worshiping the devil. I don’t mean to alarm you all, but there will be free pizza. Fellow Adelaidens, we are doing it all wrong!

*I am not suggesting they would actually stab me, nor have in the past committed such a crime.