Six-alloy cymbals and silver whammy machines: meet the dynamic gear CASH takes onstage

Having just wrapped up the last legs of their vicious Victorian tour, Cassie Hope and Ash Acid of CASH are ready to take the next big step. With an album in the pipeline and plenty of buzz to ride, we’re excited for things to come, but that doesn’t mean we’ve had enough CASH yet.

If you were lucky enough to catch CASH onstage last month, you may have found yourself wondering how Ash and Cassie filled the room so boldly. We reached out to find out a little more about their live set, and the gear which brings it together.

Cash-31 cassie hope guitar gear

What kind of setup do Cassie Hope and Ash Acid take onstage? Straight from the ladies themselves, hear what creates the gnarly CASH sound we’re falling in love with.

Cassie Hope

Cassie mixes it up shredding on her unique black beauty and beautifully toned De Armond Jetstar (by Guild) as well as her silver dream whammy machine the Gretsch Electromatic.

She plays through the classic Fender Twin Reverb amp running a clean slightly reverberated sound then using the MXR Super Badass Distortion for her main distortion and the Electro-Harmonix Soul Food as a booster.

Cash-31 cassie hope guitar gear

Ash Acid

Meinl Byzance Traditional Cymbals have propelled Ash Acid into the realm of ‘woah, the drums sound great’ after she took notes from an older, rock mentor. Meinl uses six different alloys to create this sonic amusement park, more than any other cymbal maker.

Not only are they louder, crisper and blooming with bright bodied overtones, but they have an unfathomable stick response. This is perfect for Acid’s dynamic attack.

The 21″ Traditional Medium Ride can be played with a loving tap or smashed like a piñata. “Who’s that lady? They cry out in the audience, she’s making me cry and making me want to fight.”

Experience CASH yourself:

Thurs 19 Oct – The Penny Black, Melbourne – supporting RACKETT
Sun 12 Nov – Whole Lotta Love – supporting Creek

CASH will also be supporting Changelings on their album tour through to early December. Grab the details here.