The gorgeous harmonies of Avaberée find their stride on Can’t Get You Off My Mind

Avaberée (aye-va-ber-ee) is a Brisbane based trio with members Aimee Cavanaugh, Genevieve Bufalino and Irena Lysiuk. Recently signed with US indie label Other People Records after being discovered through their Youtube videos, Aimee, Genevieve and Irena all grew up with a love for music participating in music programs and school choirs from an early age.


A trio with seductively serene harmonies, Avaberée have developed a knack for writing easily accessible synth-pop. Look no further than Can’t Get You Off My Mind.

This melodic trio seeks inspiration through many spectrums, whether it is a need to communicate or experiencing other artists, with musical inspirations Kate Miller-Heidke, Megan Washington and Emma Louise, who they have previously toured the Eastern coast of Australia with. Some of their previous covers of artists such as an acappella version Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River display how skilled this harmonic trio is. Later adding new instruments and new sounds led Avaberée to their debut single Lover of Mine, a melodic symphony that is composed from their soothing and fluid vocals intertwining to create a harmonic sound.

Running Out, Avaberée’s second released single is compiled of serene electronic backbeats complimenting the harmonic trio’s vocals whilst adding a much more vivacious sound to the glitter filled song. Running Out brought something new to their music palette that is quite different to Avaberée’s previous music that consisted of much softer songs and melodic covers. There are strong vibes of 80s synths that dance amongst the track, yet while the chorus sounds pretty there is something still yet to be tapped.

Avaberée teamed up with producer Tommy English to create Can’t Get You Off My Mind, which is their most recent song that is also teamed with a brand new film clip. It is on this track that the band find their footing and are able to finely execute all their appealing elements successfully. The song is true to their harmonic and rhythmical roots yet has evolved again into a new whimsical harmony of electronic inspired beats, merging into a new realm of music genre with their synth pop sound. Can’t Get You Off My Mind is pleasing to listen to with fluid harmonies and peacefully spirited beats, whilst bringing a new fresh sound to their lively harmonies. Avaberée has truly pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and produced a zesty new sound that many will enjoy.

When experiencing Avaberée live you can expect a broad spectrum of glitter and melodic harmonies. Previously touring along the Australian east coast supporting artists including Matt Corby, Stu Larson, The Trouble With Templeton and many more to add. Avaberée themselves said they “Aim to spread their glitter and harmonies across the world by touring globally with their melodies and harmonic tunes“. With their strong musical chemistry and heartfelt lyrics intertwined with pretty pop music it is expected these girls still have a bright future moving forward.