The government are fully bribing Aussies into downloading COVIDSafe app by saying pubs will open sooner

One of the things Aussies are missing the most during coronavirus lockdowns is going down to the local pub. Well now PM Scott Morrison has announced that we can all be a step closer to having a schooner, but only if we all download the government’s COVIDSafe app.

So the government is willing to give us something if we do something for them… sounds like a bribe to me.

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The COVIDSafe app stands at over 4 million downloads, however PM Scott Morrison decided it wasn’t enough, bribing Aussies with our beloved pubs.

“If that isn’t an incentive for Australians to download COVIDSafe… I don’t know what is,” he told reporters.

The statement went viral on social media as people were left unsurprised by the announcement.

“This is a critical issue for national cabinet when it comes to making decisions next Friday about how restrictions can be eased,” he continued.

Not too long ago we were wondering just what exactly the COVIDSafe app was and how it worked, and now we’re all being urged to download it if we want restrictions eased.

But should restrictions be eased at all if our numbers aren’t even going down that much? In fact, the numbers are going up according to this ABC News press conference.

Despite the recommendation to download the app, Australia’s leading Coronavirus expert from the World Health Organisation is refusing to do so.

What’s not clear is who the custodian of the data is and where the data is stored. It’s not true informed consent,” UNSW professor Mary-Louise McLaws said.

Considering our country’s leading expert won’t even download the app, is an example being set for other Aussies to follow suit? Or will they cave in at the temptation of being able to go to the pub again?