The government’s #ideasboom has been hijacked and the response is hilarious

You may have noticed some big yellow posters out and about with the ambiguous hashtag #ideasboom. In case you weren’t aware, this ‘ideas boom’ is the work of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Innovation Minister Christopher “Fixer” Pine to encourage innovative culture in Australian business. As the very funny people at BuzzFeed have pointed put, the government has doled out a cool $28 million dollars to roll out their innovative campaign.

Speaking to Fairfax Mr Pine said “It will be designed to help change the culture around innovation and science in our businesses, engage young people to help inspire the entrepreneurs of the future and any provide the key information to any Australian wanting to take a risk on a new business venture.

twitter hijack

As the people proved with the #YourTaxis debacle last year, hijacking a hashtag is very easy and appropriately hilarious. Some Twitter users just poked fun at the hashtag, while others took it as an opportunity to hold the federal government accountable for their shortcomings.

First seen on BuzzFeed.