The Heart Collectors dig the roots behind album, ‘Time To Say I Love You’

The gorgeously riveting and tightly woven group, The Heart Collectors, tell the stories behind their 10-track album, Time To Say I Love You.

Four-piece folk group, The Heart Collectors deep dive into the wondrous events that pieced together Time To Say I Love You

The album, much like the stories that drove it, overflows with emotion and passion – blending the works of each member in a melodic tapestry of near-death experiences, international tours and organic moments that ignited each song.

The Heart Collectors

Hear The Heart Collectors’ stories below;

Not Another Minute

This song kicks off our album, Time To Say I Love You (TTSILY), with a gusto! Starting soft, and crescendoing to an anthemic call at the end. It came together in Tasmania when we were in a little sea-side place called George Town for a folk festival, in January 2018.

It was early evening – we’d just finished the final show of the weekend and went to jump in the ocean to wash it all away.

Reuben had his guitar and was picking through ideas, Mo, Tristan, and Mummager were discussing our next tour movements, and Kymrie started walking steadily along the length of the pebbled beach. The words came in rhythm to her footsteps.

The intent of the song is a resolution to begin to live differently. There is a growing urge that burns inside the chest for change, and the words came from this place with urgency.

It culminates with the generational awareness of environmental issues, and the call to live and act in a new way. The song explores a personal understanding that to change the larger outcome, we must first look to ourselves. Now is the time.

Inside Out

Each album we’ve recorded thus far has uncovered a gem, written in the studio and inevitably finds its way to the album. Inside Out was this gem.

Fever Dream

Fever Dream is a song written from Kymrie’s near-death experience – and journey of recovery – after becoming very ill at the end of our USA tour in 2019.

The fever and its impact on her brain resulted in her staying in the USA with Mummager for an additional 2 months while she recovered enough to travel. Kymrie came home and began the slow healing process through intimate moments at the piano. Unbeknownst at the time, these sounds found in her meditative state would be the foundations of the track Fever Dream.

The song remains very special and intimate for us – bringing back the memory of Kymrie’s vulnerability, as the band walked with her through the ordeal.

Out Of The Ashes

Stemming from our Celtic roots, outcomes the bodhran and the Irish lilts… with a reel thrown in at the end.
The summer of 2019 saw the wildfires that swept through regional Australia.

Out Of The Ashes was written at this time — a period of loss, of grief, but also of strength and power of human kindness.

Heart Of Time

Heart Of Time is a dreamlike memory, or nostalgic love story, romantically pulling back the veils of history… all we will say on this is, find the youtube video, and watch us dancing around the garden in period costume!

Smooth She Sails

Smooth She Sails focuses on the unity and strength of our combined voices, in four-part harmony.
It was written and inspired by our touring in England.

The sound and meaning is permeated by the surroundings as we were staying in Somerset. There were swans in the canals, lambs in the fields and an incredible sense of history, embedded with religion and iconography, that formed layers of both sublimity and suffering.

Lyrically, the words are written for their sound more than their meaning. However, there is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt; “You’re the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll be again”– this Kymrie followed up with; “right now is the moment you’ll always be in”.

All Aboard

A tune to feel inspired by! This uplifting jaunt comes again out of our travels through the UK and Ireland and is literally a call to jump on The Heart Collector train. We want to get people out of their chairs, clapping, stamping, cheering and joining in the fun!


Pieces is a track that came together during a rehearsal session in the kitchen. The melody, words and musicality all just fell into place… and it’s actually the first song we, as a band, have written all together – lyrics and chords – from start to finish.

The beginning riff had been floating around for a few years… It kept resurfacing, and being put on the back burner. We always knew it was meant for something… This was its moment.

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open is about a shared moment from our time in Tasmania. We were out kayaking on the Huon River. It was a silvery grey day, the water was still and reflected the mountains and sky like a perfect mirror… we floated out to the middle of the river to be part of this tranquility – it started to rain.

The droplets began to fall on the water surface, and the ripples crossed and converged into an infinite geometric pattern that grew its way through the stillness. Then in a moment, the sun broke through the clouds and illuminated the whole scene in golden light.

It was a moment that took our breath away – we all came away feeling the wonder, brilliance and power of nature. Kymrie penned the lyrics on the same day.. there was a such an urge she felt she needed to express on what she had just witnessed.


Wimberley is a place in Texas, and home to Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, owned by Billy Crockett.
We were incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to record our third album (Back To The Garden) at this studio, off the back of performing at South by South West in 2017.

The studio is like a sanctuary. It allows time to dissolve and for artistry to feel safe, supported and to flower. It’s a place where “everything will fall away, and that which is true remains”. This song is for Blue Rock Studios, for Billy, and is a heart expression of our experience there.