The Hunter Express drop two deeply poetic new singles ahead of an intimate studio gig

The Hunter Express, the project of Melbourne songwriter Brad Ellis, have released the first two singles from their upcoming 2017 album. And they’re pretty special.

Titled Cool and I Really Like Holding Your Hand, they’re two slices of positively gorgeous folk, strung together with heartfelt lyricism and an Aussie timbre that you can’t say no to.

the hunter express cool I really like holding your hand

Following his 2016 EP and a heart-wrenching personal change, we’re getting a little too emotional over two new singles from The Hunter Express.

Recorded at Newmarket Studios, space of choice for Milk! Records and the upcoming Courtney Barnett/Kurt Vile split LP, The Hunter Express’s debut album promises a poetic, poignant and deeply personal listen.

During the four month period he spent recording, Ellis lost his father to cancer, an incident which will heavily feed into the upcoming album.

“We were extremely close. This album and music became even more important to me. Creating music is my outlet to many things and I was able to express this within parts of the record.”

I Really Like Holding Your Hand is an immediate introduction into the soft, lyrical world of The Hunter Express. Showcasing a proclivity for the spoken word, the track juxtaposes lyrical vignettes against a gorgeous guitar hook and an even more magnetic, harmonious chorus.

Ellis’ Australian drawl sits as the song’s centre, weaving tales of primary school love, sneaking your first drinks from your parents’ liquor cabinet and a slew of other stories we’re all disarmingly familiar with.

It’s a little different from what we’re used to, but undoubtedly fresh. For Ellis, a willingness to experiment like he has in I Really Like Holding Your Hand has become central to his artistic philosophy.

“I came into this project with more of an open mind and allowed creativity to always try to be the focus. This time I felt like I had more time to try new ideas, never really afraid to scrap an idea and try something new.”

Cool showcases a similar guitar tone, draped over soft percussion and more gentle strumming. It’s the kind of song you’ll want to drift away to, a dreamy cut that certainly shows Ellis’ growth as a songwriter.

Closing as it opens, Cool fades away like the sun at dusk. As soon as it’s gone, you’ll want it back.


Join The Hunter Express for the official launch of Cool and I Really Like Holding Your Hand this month at Newmarket Studios:

Thurs 19 October – Newmarket Studios, Melbourne – Details