The 2020 International Drug Survey is taking anonymous accounts of personal drug use

Ever wanted to have your say on drug use and the future of ethical practices regarding the use of illicit drugs? The Global Drug Survey is now taking submissions (optionally anonymous) for their 2020 report.

The upcoming 2020 report will shine a greater focus on the use of cannabinoids, the safer usage of MDMA, self-medication with psychedelics and harm reduction strategies regarding nightlife drug use.

It goes without saying that there is a serious lack of conversation regarding the safe use of drugs in mainstream media, often copping the nastiest end of the stick when it comes to government policy surrounding illicit drug use in Australia. 

After copious protests, reviews, not to mention professional suggestions around how to implement more accepting legislation toward use, it seems the conservative no-tolerance opinions of the Liberal government will continue to see young ‘offenders’ precariously experiment with drugs (as they have always done), risking health complications to avoid political ridicule and legislative subjugation. 

Still, some discourse on drug use is better than none at all, and this is precisely what the Global Drug Survey aims to do by taking anonymous accounts and opinions on the safe and ethical use of drugs.

Think you’ve got something to say? The survey only takes 20-30 minutes and asks a variety of questions regarding personal use over the last 12 months. Currently, there are over 107,500 submissions and counting with hopes to change the “conversation and make drug use safer” according to the survey website.