The Jesus and Mary Chain confirm they're working on a new album

The Jesus and Mary Chain have confirmed they’re working on a new album

Scottish shoegaze rockers The Jesus and Mary Chain have confirmed they’re working on a new album which, if all goes to plan, will be released sometime in 2019.

The Jesus and Mary Chain’s last album, Damage and Joywas released in 2017, almost two decades after the band’s split in 1998.

In an exclusive chat on Kyle Meredith With…, The Jesus and Mary Chain frontman Jim Reid confirmed that the band will hit the studio straight after their tour with Nine Inch Nails, which is due to end in December.

Reid said of the new album:

“As far as anyone’s concerned, it’ll be songs that they haven’t heard before. It won’t be songs that we’ve released before but there will be some new songs and some that have been knocking about for a while,”

Last year, Reid told NME that personal differences between himself and his brother and fellow songwriter William had delayed recordings. 

“We got back together in 2007 and it was the plan then. We thought, ‘We’ve got a bunch of songs, this would make a pretty good Mary Chain album’ – and then there was the usual slaps and scratches between my brother and myself. ‘I wanna do it here’ and ‘I don’t’ and then it was all ‘fuck you’ and swinging at each other. The usual shit, basically.”

In 2016, The Jesus and Mary Chain headlined Sydney’s Spectrum Now festival, where they performed their seminal 1985 release Psychocandy in full to celebrate its 30th birthday.

Via Consequence of Sound.