PREMIERE: Take a stroll though the rich sounds of Andy Burns’ new album Good Grief

It was with the release of his debut album Excited that I was first introduced to the rich sounds of Tokyo-based artist Andy Burns. A co-worker of mine said “hey, you’ve gotta come hear this,” and thankfully I heeded her advice.

His music is heartfelt and delicate; seamlessly weaving together angelic string arrangements, airy vocals, and textured, acoustic guitar lines. Now today, we’re absolutely stoked to be premiering his brand spankin’ new album Good Grief.

Close your eyes and take a stroll through the rich, graceful sounds of Good Grief; the stunning new album from Tokyo-based singer-songwriter Andy Burns.

The aforementioned album Excited quickly earned Burns a dedicated following from various pockets of the internet… and rightfully so. Recorded in his Tokyo apartment, the album was full of lo-fi indie-pop gems that flaunted his incredible penchant for crafting deeply infectious vocal melodies and lush instrumental arrangements.

On Good Grief, the singer-songwriter continues this trend – presenting a collection of eight new songs that feel simultaneously spontaneous and carefully considered.

Album opener Punch Drunk eases the album into existence with a crooning piano line that feels like soundtrack to some golden-aged hotel lobby. Good Grief’s penultimate track Empty Nest frames Burns’ resonant vocals with shimmering keys and spacey synths.

By the time the album’s instrumental closer Vicki And Denise reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been completely hypnotised by Andy Burns’ sauntering sounds.

Do yourself a favour and listen to Good Grief above.