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PREMIERE: Wrap yourself in the warm sounds of Andy Burns’ Charity

The dreamy, textured sounds of Andy Burns are among the most endearing you’ll come across. They’ll wrap themselves around you like a warm blanket, straight outta the dryer.

Today, the singer-songwriter shares his incredible new video for Charity; a rich, layered slice of indie-pop that we’ve had spinning on repeat since we first heard it.

Charity, the hypnotic and dreamy new track from Tokyo-based artist Andy Burns, is heartwarming and completely endearing.

On the new track, Burns weaves together elements of folk, pop, and indie-rock to craft something that feels simultaneously dreamy and earthy.

The track flaunts some pretty stunning instrumentation, with Burns’ hypnotic vocals roping everything in to one big bundle of good vibes.

Charity‘s accompanying video sees the artist exploring a place far more exciting than wherever you currently are… and I guarantee you’ll be unable to look away from the clip’s charming home-video style.

The release of the new video follows his debut LP Excited, and thankfully we wont have to wait too long for more – Burns’ next album Good Grief is set to drop this August. And judging by what we’ve heard so far, I think it’s safe to expect more great music from this Tokyo-based artist.

Though for now, do yourself a favour and watch the video above.


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July 30, 2018