The legendary Fender Mustang owned by Kurt Cobain is up for auction
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The legendary Fender Mustang owned by Kurt Cobain is up for auction

The famous custom-built, left-handed Fender Mustang owned by Kurt Cobain is currently up for auction, expected to fetch up to $500,000.

The guitar was played by Cobain before his death during Nirvana‘s In Utero tour in 1993 and 1994 and is being sold by Julien’s Auctions.kurt cobain fender mustang

The iconic custom-built Fender Mustang which belonged to Kurt Cobain is being sold at auction, with the guitar expected to go for around half a million dollars.

The sonic blue Mustang was made in 1993, after Fender reached out to a man named Scott Zimmerman – Fender Custom Shop was not equipped to build left-handed Mustangs at the time. Zimmerman was a prototype and custom builder for a major Japanese instrument manufacturer who built all of Fender Japan’s instruments, FujiGen, and had also built the necks for Cobain’s first two Jagstangs.

Zimmerman agreed but asked that an order of more than one guitar be placed. Ten Mustangs were ordered, however, Cobain only ever received six before his death in 1994. Following his death, this particular Mustang was gifted to a fan by his wife, Courtney Love. Included in the auction is the accompanying letter from Love, written on a notepad stamped “Courtney Love Cobain”.

“It may shock you, but yr letter touched me a lot & this was one of his favorite guitars.” Love wrote. “When they delivered all of them the other day I felt so humble, Kurt loved, more than anything, that kids liked his music, and I just felt him over my shoulder when I read your letter – Kurt is left handed so you have to have the guitar professionally turned around or simply restring it – Goodluck. Courtney.”

The two other surviving guitars are owned by his family members.

The Mustang is being sold as part of Julien’s Icons and Idols: Rock ‘N’ Roll collection. The collection boasts over 700 items, with some of the stranger lots including a speeding fine addressed to Janis Joplin and a pair of Michael Jackson’s aviators.

Other items more akin to Cobain’s guitar include a 1988 Guild GF-60NT owned by Eric Clapton and a 1993 Gretsch Duo Jet owned by the late Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell, as well as a couple of Bob Dylan’s old harmonicas.

Head over to the auction for more information.

Check out Nirvana performing on the In Utero tour below.