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The legends from The Contour give us their ultimate gear rundown

Last week, Perth based rockers and full time legends The Contour, released their killer self-titled debut EP. The album encompasses that full, iconic rock band sound as you’ve never heard it before. Combining everything from jazz to funk, The Contour is one you simply cannot forget. 

“Driven by a heavy, classic rock feel, perfectly combined with a few subtle dashes on blues, funk and jazz, The Contour have created a sound that will have you completely hooked from beginning to end.”

The Contour have just released their raw and rambunctious debut self-titled EP, and as you would expect, it packs a punch that will cling to your brain for days. Following the release, the boys take us through the gear that made all the magic happen.

Join the guys from The Contour as they take us through all the instruments that brought about their imitable self-titled debut EP.

Anthony Eagleton – The Bass Man

What bit of gear fancies your tickle Ant?

Definitely my Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5 HH. I have owned 2 over the last 7 years and it has always been my dream bass to play.

After recording with previous bands, I never really found the sound I was looking for until the EBMM graced me with its presence. It really punches through the mix while remaining versatile whether we play a rock song or something mellow. Big shout out to the Westpac Loan Specialists for making my sound the way it is today!

Favourite track to record?

Lonely Runaway, It only took me one take then I was back on the couch having a beer.

Dan Slee – The Keys Man

What is your go-to weapon of choice Dan?

My Korg SV1 with black and red keys.

I actually went into the music store looking for a cheap music stand then, low and behold, I saw this Korg SV1 glaring at me with a halo above it. I fell in love immediately after giving it a test run. The tube in this beast gives it an unmatched warmth which pairs beautifully with the organ tones I predominantly use in The Contour.

Favourite track to play live?

All I Want. It brings the mood down after smashing a few rock tunes out and keeps me on my toes because it’s just myself and vocals for 2/3 of the song.

Daniel Piccioni – The Drummer Man

What is your favourite piece to pulverise Danny?

My O’Neil Snare. It was handcrafted by Dylan O’Neil in Albany W.A.

Made from a rare wood, the Wandoo Eucalypt, which is native to the South West region of Western Australia. It is made extremely tough and I love its bright, snappy tone. It really compliments The Contour’s different flavours. Plus, it is super loud on stage which, ultimately, was the selling point for me!!

Favourite track off the album?

Rabbit Hole gets my vote. I feel it is a strong start to kick off the album and encapsulates who we are as a band moving forward.

Conan Chapman – The Guitar/singer man.

What gear floats your boat Conan?

It is a tie for me.

Firstly, I can’t go past my Mexican Telecaster. It was an impulse buy off Gumtree last year. I even had one of my good mates spot me the cash until I got paid so I didn’t miss the opportunity (muso life 101). I tricked it up with a set of Seymour Duncan Little ’59 & Vintage Stack Tele pickups.

It is pretty much noiseless on stage and I love that it sits between the humbucker sound and the usual Telecaster twang. Secondly, I’m in love with my Ibanez TubeScreamer TS9 because it is a great all-rounder.

Favourite track to play live?

Seventh Avenue for sure. It’s just so fun to play! Especially when we get to the bridge section of the song and we can go a little bit nutty!



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December 7, 2018