The Lulu Raes’ Top Ten Tracks of 2014

One of my lifelong dreams is to have a band name themselves after me. They don’t even have to be good, the gesture alone is cool enough*. Seeing as one Happy writer has accomplished this, we decided to ask The Lulu Raes what they thought of 2014 and the all the music that came from it.

The boys, who are awesome, complied and came up with a list they feel best reflects the ultimate ten songs from the year. This is the second band to tell us they enjoy getting down low to Run The Jewels as well as… Coldplay? Hmmm, read on to see what The Lulu Raes ranked as the best from 2014!

Lulu Raes

Sydney’s The Lulu Raes have enjoyed a pretty successful year with their sunny pop winning hearts everywhere. Find out what songs won their hearts from this year!

L.S.D. – Skeggs

A solid, lazy surf track that sounds like tinnies and the dole. Don’t let the drug reference put you off, it actually stands for Live. Sleep. Dream, which is practically A$AP Rocky’s album name. This song is sick and that “ooh” section is off chops. I call these guys as the next Goons of Doom.

An Ocean Between the Waves – The War On Drugs

Seeing this band live confirms that they are one of the best bands in the world. They put most bands on the bitch when it comes to songwriting and musicianship. “The War on Drugs can suck my fucking dick” – Sun Kil Moon. 

Faded – ZHU

‘What’s the name of that song?’ If it’s not Sandstorm it’s Faded by Zhu. This song was played at every party you went to in 2014. This song got you up and onto the DF for some fist pumping.

Tell Me feat. Nicole Millar – Golden Features

There’s something really intriguing about this Golden Features bloke. The gold mask would probably be wanky if he didn’t back it up with a fucking strong EP. Expect to be sick of hearing this guy’s name all the time in 2015.

I Need A Woman – Hockey Dad

Heaps of bands try the two piece thing and suck and fail miserably at it. They churn out half-decent records and suffer at playing them live. Not Hockey Dad though. This track thankfully sounds the same live as it sounds on the record. A+. Also check their Facebook page for heaps of Simpsons references.

Close Your Eyes – Run The Jewels

The guy from Rage Against the Machine is on this track. Listen to it and tell me it doesn’t take you back to your Tony Hawk PS1 days. Turn this up and drive your car really fast (but under the speed limit pls).

Dreamland – Sticky Fingers

This song feels representative of Sticky Fingers’ move into more anthemic choruses (Australia Street, Gold Snafu, If You Go) but it still holds onto strong off-beat groove. Definitely a good banger for the festivals.

Be My Kind – Little Bastard 

Be My Kind sounds like The War On Drugs crossed with Springsteen and the production on this track is on point. Old mate Leesbo gets off the cajon and onto the drum kit for this at shows and blows the fucking roof off.

Delete – DMA’s

This song has so many views on youtube and people get heaps into it at their shows. Hopefully they can get past the Oasis comparisons and the “how come they look like lads” questions.

Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay


*The Shay Shay Shays is totally up for grabs if anyone needs a band name.



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