'The Mandalorian' writer/director Jon Favreau immortalised as action figure

‘The Mandalorian’ writer/director Jon Favreau immortalised as action figure

The Mandalorian has been such a success that even director Jon Favreau has been turned into a premium action figure; an honour previously reserved for lead characters.

While Jon Favreau mightn’t be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal anyone?), he probably should be. Few have come up trumps for Star Wars, particularly at a time when the iconic franchise needed a win, like Favreau.

The Mandalorian first graced the screens of Disney+ subscribers in 2019, and has since laid the blueprint for how Star Wars fans want their beloved IP treated. Essentially, the series shied away from controversial themes, blatant fanservice, and told a new story that was consistent with series’ lore and tone. It was also just a damn good time.

jon favreau action figurine
Image: Jon Favreau (toy) / Hasbro & Disney

And now, fans can pay their respects and set up their own personal shrine dedicated to Jon Favreau, the man who did right by Star Wars fans and wrote the show that saved the universe. That’s right, this isn’t hyperbole, who knows where we’d be without his contribution; probably suffering through another reboot with Jar Jar Binks reimagined as a good idea.

Jon Favreau made The Mandalorian and he is a hero. And what do we do with heroes, you ask? Well, for starters we place them in giant moulds (not unlike what happened to Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back) and create miniature monuments that will stand the test of time, and remind us of what’s truly important (action figurines).

Jon Favreau has been immortalised in plasticine and now we can all rest, assured that the MVP of The Mandalorian will never be forgotten. It should be noted that Favreau also voiced Paz Vizsla and, fittingly, is portrayed in that character’s armour for this The Mandalorian action figure. The figurine is, however, being marketed as Jon Favreau and not Paz Vizsla.

The Jon Favreau figurine will initially only be available to attendees of Star Wars Celebration 2022. However, after this event has taken place, a limited quantity will be made available for purchase.

The Mandalorian Jon Favreau action figure will reportedly cost $39.95 (USD).