The Mother Gurus bash out a ’90s alt-rock storm on ‘Outtamyhead’

’90s alt-rock holds a special place in the hearts of many. On their latest single, The Mother Gurus don’t just celebrate the iconic style, they bring it into the future.

There’s a whole lot of nostalgia going around at the moment, it just seems to be what we do in uncertain times. Whether you’ve dipped into your vinyl collection, binged the films that raised you, or rekindled romances with once-loved artists, everyone is turning to the past for comfort right now. It comes as no surprise to anyone that The Mother Gurus have also jumped on the bandwagon and are doing it worlds better than the rest of us.

Since their 2017 debut, the Melbourne trio have been writing songs for the soul, stretching their unique blend of psychedelic, punk, alternative, pop-rock as far as it can muster. Their latest single Outtamyhead, however, sees the boys bash out the blast from the past that audiences deserve.

the mother gurus outtamyhead

Equal parts bloodthirsty and captivating, Outtamyhead is the band at their finest; highlighting their unmatched rhythmic and stylistic talents. It’s a song that Cobain himself would’ve been proud to write. Like all good ’90s tracks, the single starts off slow, mellow but there’s an unshakeable agitation that echoes throughout. That’s until the chorus ignites and we’re tossed into an all-out, grunge-infused hurricane.

The rhythm section is where this song really sings though. Sweeping in with that rumbling bass line, the trio wastes no time flexing their ability to blend vicious guitar melodies, echoing percussion, and irresistible beats into a track for the ages. Trust me, I’ve been trying to get that bass riff Outtamyhead for days.


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“The Mother Gurus return with a ‘sprand banking’ new single entitled, ‘Outtamyhead’. An alternative psychedelic punk pop anthem for your health!,” the band’s bio reads. “The band describes the song as a nod to the early 90’s, with alternative acts such as PIXIES, The Breeders and Nirvana, while also attempting to achieve a more contemporary sonic aesthetic, taking influence from bands such as Yuck, Wet Paint and The Telescopes.”

Acidic and radioactive in the best possible way, there’s a cadence to Outtamyhead that feels oddly comforting. It’s a song that you could’ve easily grown up with, while also being fresh, present, and visionary. With their debut album on the horizon, we’re restless to see what else the band has in store.

Check out Outtamyhead below: