The National surprise drop the new album ‘Laugh Track’ on our willing laps

A mere 5 months into the release of ‘First Two Pages of Frankenstein’, The National deliver surprise album ‘Laugh Track’

The National’s surprise release of ‘Laugh Track’ on September 15, 2023, brought a wave of excitement to their devoted fanbase.

This 12-track gem, unveiled at their Homecoming Festival gig in Cincinnati, serves as a thematic companion to their earlier masterpiece, ‘First Two Pages of Frankenstein.’

‘Laugh Track’ unveils a fresh side of the band, embracing a more spontaneous and collaborative approach. The material was honed and polished during live performances on tour, capturing the raw essence at Flora Recording & Playback in Portland.

The album’s standout moment is the nearly eight-minute marvel ‘Smoke Detector,’ recorded during a Vancouver soundcheck, infusing a dose of vintage rock vigour.

The collaborations with Phoebe Bridgers and Rosanne Cash, as well as the poignant partnership with Bon Iver on ‘Weird Goodbyes,’ add a layer of depth to the album, seamlessly woven into the overall narrative.

Frontman Matt Berninger’s lyrical introspection remains the driving force, delving into themes of finding solace amidst a swiftly changing world. Tracks like ‘Turn Off the House’ and ‘Eucalyptus’ offer poignant reflections on life’s fleeting nature. ‘Smoke Detector’ emerges as the emotional centerpiece, encapsulating the album’s introspective core.

‘Laugh Track’ is a testament to The National’s boldness in pushing their creative boundaries. While it complements ‘First Two Pages of Frankenstein,’ it also forges its own distinctive path. With its dynamic energy and contemplative musings, ‘Laugh Track’ solidifies The National’s position as pioneers in the indie rock landscape.


with very special guests Fleet Foxes

+ Annie Hamilton

Wednesday 28 February – Riverstage, Brisbane

Friday 1 March – Aware Super Theatre, Sydney

Tuesday 5 March – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Saturday 9 March – Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth

Tickets on sale 12PM Friday 22 September 

Live Nation pre-sale: Thu Sept 21, 1pm – Fri Sept 22, 11am

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