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The NEOLD V76U73 brings rare Telefunken tone to your DAW

The Telefunken V76 preamp and U73 compressor/limiter are some of the most desirable pieces of vintage high-end studio outboard gear imaginable. Created in Germany in the ’50s, they’re usually only seen in the most elite collections.

Plugin Alliance has paid homage to this formidable signal path with the NEOLD V76U73. It’s a channel-strip plugin that’s both faithful to the original components while remaining accessible to working engineers.NEOLD V76U73 hardware

Plugin Alliance has just released the NEOLD V76U73, an affordable software alternative to the ‘holy-grail’ Telefunken channel strip.

The NEOLD U76U73 is an accurate emulation of the vintage classics at a “component level”. The V76 offers rich low-end and smooth highs via its EQ, plus some optimizations that are only achievable in software.

Plugin Alliance state that, “running signal through these devices without moving a single knob can bring new life and dimension to just about any signal”, and through the simple interface, the V76 allows for easy and flexible tone-shaping control.

The U73 compressor/limiter side offers a variable mu dynamic control, nicknamed the ‘German Fairchild‘ for its nuanced treatment of transients. They’ve also added a side chain filter, mix knob and stereo mode to the compressor for extra versatility in modern productions.

You can read more about the NEOLD V76U73 on the Plugin Alliance website.