Mickey Mouse, Bernie Sanders, and Seymore Butts all signed Kanye West’s presidential ballot petition

Kanye West‘s lawyers have demanded that Democrats prove that Mickey Mouse didn’t sign Kanye’s nomination papers in Wisconsin after his name was just one of the numerous *seemingly fraudulent* signatures gathered to qualify Kanye for the presidential ballot.

The lawyers – who are apparently 100% ok with the notion that there is a real Mickey Mouse living out there in Wisconsin – have argued that if the signature cannot be proven false, it must be accepted.


Alongside Mickey Mouse, allegedly Bernie Sanders and Kanye himself were signatures on the nomination papers, a fact which West’s lawyers have zero problems with.

Following several attempts to prevent Kanye from running for President later this year, his lawyer Michael Curran dropped a 23-page response to the Wisconsin Elections Commission in relation to challenges and technical difficulties over signatures that were fraudulent. The lawyer is calling for 299 of the obviously “misguided and ill-informed” signatures to be reconsidered as he sees no issue with West’s petition process.

Things aren’t looking great for West after his attempts to attain signatures in the New Jersey and Illinois divisions were denounced due to suspiciously similar allegations.

I mean, come on Kanye – if you’re going to fake signature names at least try to go with something more believable and possibly avoid fictional characters to back you up? Just some food for thought…