The Opera House will spend $400k on paw patrol to protect your chippies

Next time you head to the Opera House, you might see a few floofs with their sights set on scaring off pesky seagulls.

The landmark’s newest staff members are 13 kelpies and border collies, employed to make your dining experience bird-attack free.

The venue is spending close to $400,000 on dog trainers to ensure that visitors won’t have their chips stolen.

Photo: Via Concrete Playground

As usual, not everyone is happy about the plans. The Opera House receives a lot of its funding from taxpayers, so many residents think it’s a waste of their hard-earned cash.

It’s hard to be sure, but we’re guessing Labour’s Walt Secord isn’t too keen on the idea either. “Why is the NSW taxpayer subsidising clam-eating, chardonnay-sipping, tuxedo-clad opera-goers,” he critiqued.

But the Opera House has assured the people of NSW that these cute lil’ pups are being paid for by food and drink revenue, not taxpayer dollars.

The iconic venue is adamant that the scheme is a no-brainer, claiming that the initiative “pays for itself because of the amount of money the restaurants save.”

Who knew dogs could be so controversial? Or that seagulls were taking that much food honestly.

Either way, we think it’s worth every dollar if we get to see a couple of cute pooches AND keep our chippies safe!