Enjoy art the way it was made to be enjoyed at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne

The Other Art Fair is returning to Melbourne next month, highlighting a tightly curated group of boundary-pushing artists from May 26-29.

Art exhibitions can be intimidating. Wine snobs walking round in cashmere scarfs, outbidding you by thousands of dollars for the first artwork you properly fell in love with.

Well, swap out those highbrow critics for a safe, inclusive, and more than anything, fun night at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne at the end of May.

The Other Art Fair

Walk around Melbourne’s Meat Market with a couple of bespoke Bombay Sapphire cocktails and view some incredible art without needing to be a well versed expert in every artistic medium.

Looking for a new artwork to prop up down the end of your hallway but can’t find anything that you like and can actually afford? The reasonably priced artworks on display at The Other Art Fair will turn shopping for your next visual installation into a fun night out.

Not only will you have the chance to gaze upon a huge variety of artworks from emerging artists, you’ll also be able to chat to the talent behind the stunning visuals. More than 100 artists will be at the event, excited to chat to you about their work and everything else.

But the catalogue of incredible independant artists on display isn’t the only enticing part of the night. There’ll also be immersive installations, performances, and a fully-stocked bar to keep the party rolling.

With said performances ranging from tattoo classes to taxidermy crash courses, there’s absolutely no chance that you’ll want to leave early.

The Other Art Fair will run from May 26-29 at Meat Market in Melbourne. Grab your tickets here.