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the pretty littles

The Pretty Littles have been kicking out chaotic, heavy rock n roll around Melbourne’s backyard party scene for a few years now, and when I say ‘kicking out’ I mean ‘kicking out at every conceivable opportunity’ – 2012 saw the band play a staggering 113 shows. With uncomplicated guitar tones, enormous drums and simple lyrics, it’s clear that this is a band whose sound is influenced by what gets a garden full of partygoers to stand up, jump around and throw empty tinnies at each other.

Following on from their thoroughly noisy We Are Not From A Small Town EP last year, the four piece are in the process of releasing an album of which we don’t yet know the title, nor the exact release date. What we do have is an awesome video clip for Never Felt Worse (above), a tongue in cheek narrative concerning the universal theme of your mates being dicks. Wearing their Vasco Era influences proudly (literally, the dude is wearing a Vasco tee in the video) and with production help from Alex Markwell (The Delta Riggs), these guys have set themselves on a clear course for a decent, straightforward rock record.

the pretty littles

Of course, it’s also possible that these guys could trip themselves into fiddly psychedelia, or crack out the slides and acoustics and make a blues record – both of which would be awesome outcomes. With a bunch of Melbourne shows coming up in September (check their Facebook for details), a fully pledged Pozible and a promising Facebook post saying: “LAST ONE. WE GOTS THE MONEY. THANKYOU!! CD WILL BE DONE IN SEPTEMBER I THINK. IT MIGHT BE A WHOLE ALBUM OR AT LEAST 7 OR 8 SONGS WHICH IS PRETTY CLOSE!”, we reckon you should keep one or both of your ears out for The Pretty Littles this month.




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September 11, 2013