The Rider – Talking Through Walls

Hey Tom, what’s The Rider tonight? Sorry boys it’s house wine and tap water again.

Fans of vocal harmonies, guitar solos and a labyrinth of musical styles look no further, Sydney band The Rider have you covered. Music genre mixing masters, Tom Hume, Henry Manuell, Calum Nicholson and Liam Tooth, have blended blues, jazz, psychedelic and indie rock together and made it sound pretty damn cool.

the rider band

Capturing us last year with their debut EP Mount Echo, we were catapulted into a land of lost bluesy melodies and classic guitar riffs, as well as some new jazz ground paved with indie grooves. Crowning track Mount Echo ventured into the most perilous rock terrain to rescue a mountain of epic harmonies fraught with jazz undertones. Seized by The Rider, we wanted to hear more.

Lucky for us, a few months later the four amigos mounted their noble steeds for a second time and rode to some bluer mountains, a little highland town called Katoomba. Loaded with fresh mountain air, and apparently a backyard full of beehives, they accomplished their gallant mission – write some new songs. A bee sting later their latest single Talking Through Walls was born.

A galloping 70s inspired beat, it’s an honourable nod to their unique blues crossed jazz crossed psychedelic crossed indie rock sound. Bass guitar plays antagonist to the lead guitar riff that grooves forward to free the catchy chorus harmonies. A fuzzed out riotous guitar solo later and you’re won over by its charming mess of old and new. The four-piece, it seems, have once again entrapped us in their maze of musical styles.

Set to gallop across the East Coast and do a string of shows, they’re promising 20 minute long medleys, extended solos and a bit of improvisation (no doubt their jazz tendencies taking the stage). They’ve also got this rad rule that if they’re not covered in sweat by the end of their show then they haven’t worked hard enough – a sign you’re in for one hell of a ride. Saddle up and catch them while you can*.

*I would have gone for more production and refreshment rider puns to be honest. The Rider, please settle this for us. Where’s the name from?