The rise of psychedelic microdosing in the workforce

Drugs and music will forever go hand in hand. Do they make music sound better? Do they inspire creativity in artists? Despite Australia’s low-tolerance policy on the prohibition of pretty much every drug that’s any fun, punters are still finding ways to procure pills, tabs, caps and greenery. And they’re finding it all pretty easily.

The conversation around drugs has been rising for several years now, perhaps most notably due to the increasing number of American states and entire countries legalising marijuana and even harder drugs.

One trend that’s come out of the increased attention is microdosing: taking small quantities of psychedelics such as LSD or magic mushrooms to enhance your concentration, creativity and alertness. To be honest, it’s starting to sound like a pretty nice idea.

Image: Reddit

Like making yourself a morning coffee, microdosing is the art of taking hallucinogenics to help you through the working day.

Microdosing has been on our radars for some time now. Vice recently published an interview with an award winning corporate salesman who has been microdosing every day. More and more bloggers are trying it and reporting the results. There’s even a subreddit for it.

As a rule, this involves around one tenth of a dose, usually measured by dissolving a tab of acid or ground mushies in a controlled amount of water.

The overwhelming reports from users are positive – it’s doubtful this trend would have gained any fruition if microdosing did nothing but psych you out or drive you insane.

You’ll be on drugs without being on drugs; a chemically heightened state without the usual psychedelic giveaways. No visual or auditory hallucinations, no breathing walls, no brain melts, just an overwhelming feeling of alertness, more sociability and increased motivation.

That isn’t too say every single report has been in the clear. Some users have become anxious or disconnected after microdosing, reporting a wholly negative effect.

But isn’t that drugs? Almost everyone will react differently to brain-altering chemicals. How will you react to microdosing? One way to find out…

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