The Ruiins’ new single Wasted is a soulful and relatable indie-rock anthem

As soon as Wasted kicks off, you can imagine crowds of people singing along at the tops of their lungs. With the track’s release, Forster-based duo The Ruiins have immediately proven themselves as a standout act in the Australian indie-rock circuit.

With the light and shade between the chorus and verses, this new track has all the hallmarks of being a huge new indie anthem.

The Ruiins have release an anthemic new single in the form of Wasted; a slice of catchy, relatable, and soulful indie-rock brilliance.

Across the new track’s three-and-a-half-minute duration, the band weave together elements of soul, pop, and indie-rock to craft a sound that feels simultaneously familiar and fresh.

Guitarist Pat Sugden’s guitar riff perfectly punctuates the song, delivering a tune that will be in your head for days, for all the best reasons. Adam Dooker’s powerful vocals burst through, the lyrics penetrating into your mind.

“I guess it’s a singalong that people can relate to,” says Dooker. “I see it as a metaphor for wasting time, the mind frame you face as a result of time wasting and really wanting to change bad habits, but it seeming too hard or out of your control”

Following the release of their first EP, Nobody, Wasted comes ahead of their followup EP, set for release later this year. If this first track is anything to go off, it’s no doubt going to be a good time.

Do yourself a favour and check the new single out above.