The Sand Dollars premiere Sour Face

Have you ever given a baby a lemon to suck? It’s hilarious to watch their reaction. Their curious nature and tendency to put anything in their mouths get the better of them and the horrible realisation that spreads across their scrunched up faces is just ridiculously funny. Don’t give me that judgemental look, we’ve all done it. Regardless, we’ve all made mistakes that have resulted in pulling a sour face no matter how old we are and that is a story that rings true on the new single Sour Face from The Sand Dollars.

The Sand Dollars

Melbourne’s The Sand Dollars beef up their surf rock party vibes with some fun horns on the premiere for their new single Sour Face.

The Sand Dollars are a indie rock four piece from Melbourne and have been playing together since 2013. That isn’t very long for a band to develop a cohesive sound but props have to be given to the boys for figuring out as much as they have in that amount of time. It’d be easy to peg The Sand Dollars as an indie rock band, or in some capacity a surf rock band as their guitar tones lend themselves. The interesting thing about this band is their bizarre nostalgic feel. They don’t make obscure references to events long past, but there is this quality to their songwriting that seems to have one eye on the past while the other is firmly fixed on the future.

That is definitely the case on Sour Face. “You’re 28 you couldn’t tie all age/ She’s got a sour face…three three/ I am between a numbers race/ That’s not the case for me” tie those themes together quite well. There are a few loose narratives floating around in this song, I won’t go into extreme detail here but it is encouraged to take a few good listens and try decipher them.

Opening with some cruisey guitars and scratchy vocals Sour Face sets the tone nice and early. It’s a song about calling out others on their shit, not in a mean spirited way but in a way that evokes a sense of fun. It’s a song of enlightenment, one that encourages you to stand on your own two feet in spite of circumstances that may seem overwhelming. Those guitars really carry the song. They’re light and fun, fitting in nicely with The Sand Dollars’ house party band vibe. What raises Sour Face above the plethora of indie rock out there are those gorgeous horns. They make their triumphant entrance on the chorus, but really kick loose on the bridge. One hopes when the band go out on tour they can swing their budget to bring their horn section with them.

The Sand Dollars are playing their Sour Face launch show at The Workers Club in Melbourne. Tickets are $10 a pop so get your butts down there.