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The seminal, self-titled debut from Suicide is set for vinyl reissue

The highly influential debut from electronic duo, Suicide, is to be reissued on vinyl this July. Though criminally under appreciated at the time, 1977 original was instrumental in shaping the synthetic and industrial sounds of the ’80s.

Suicide bucked the trend of the New York sound of the 70s. Abrasive and unashamedly electronic, they were massively influential in spite of their obscurity.

Alan Vega (vocals) and Martin Rev (electronics) initially teamed in 1970, before going dormant for several years. They reemerged amidst the New York punk explosion, prior to the self-titled release of their debut LP.

The new, limited edition release has been remastered on red vinyl, CD and digital download. It also come with extensive sleeve notes and exclusive photos.

Visit BMG/Mute for more details.


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May 14, 2019