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The Sequential Pro 3: a powerful new hybrid synth that builds on an iconic legacy

Sequential has announced the launch of the Pro 3, a new flagship mono/paraphonic synthesiser. The Pro 3 is the latest update to the lineage of the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-One, launched in 1981, and the now-discontinued Pro 2.

The Pro 3 builds on the Pro 2, offering more versatility with an additional transistor ladder filter with optional resonance compensation, alongside updates to the two existing 4-pole low-pass and 2-pole state-variable filters, based on the Prophet-6 and OB-6 filters respectively.Sequential Pro 3 SE

A much-anticipated continuation of a classic synthesizer lineage, the Sequential Pro 3 provides power and versatility in spades.

The filters shape the sound of an overhauled oscillator build which now features two voltage-controlled oscillators, providing traditional triangle, saw and pulse waves with waveshaping, alongside a digital wavetable oscillator providing 32 tables of 16 waves each with wavemorphing.

The revamped arpeggiator can run alongside the sequencer for arpeggiated patterns with parameter automation, while the sequencer itself provides 16-track sequences of up to 64 steps, with ratcheting, variable gate and sequence lengths, multiple playback modes, and paraphonic operation. The sequencer can also control any parameter in the modulation matrix, reaching 32 slots with over 171 destinations.

The Pro 3 also features three LFOs, four loopable ADSR + delay envelopes, dual digital effects, tuned feedback, and analog distortion. Features such as the arpeggiator, the LFOs, and the delay are able to be synced to either the internal clock or an external MIDI clock. In addition, the Pro 3 features four scalable rear-panel control voltage inputs and outputs, allowing compatibility with modular synths for even more versatility.

Sequential founder, Dave Smith, said of the unit “We wanted to make the Pro 3 as flexible as possible. The CVs and deep mod matrix make it a mini modular in its own right — without all the patch cables.

Alongside the standard Pro 3 is the Pro 3 SE, a special edition that rehouses the same synth in a premium walnut trim with a tilt-up control panel.

The Pro 3 will be available at the end of January priced at $1,599USD, and the Pro 3 SE will be available in February priced at $2,099USD. For more information, visit Sequential.