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KORG breathe life into a classic with their new synth: Wavestate

KORG has just unveiled Wavestate – the newest addition to their synth family – in anticipation of 2020 NAMM.

The Wavestate takes KORG’s Wavetable synthesis to new heights, expanding on the much loved Wavestation technology of the early ‘90s.KORG Wavestate

Meet Wavestate: KORG’s revival of an early ’90s icon, packed with new features that bring Wavetable synthesis into the 21st century.

When first introduced, Wavetable synthesis was a hit for producers and composers alike. Due to its ability to create user patches with varying degrees of duration, pitch, fine tuning, level and crossfade amount for each wave. Paired with Vector synthesis, the Wavestation created myriad possibilities in the world of digital synthesis.

The new Wavestate expands on the original Wavestation technology by incorporating what is currently known as Wave Sequencing 2.0, which allows patterns to continuously evolve without limitations, in an organic and reimagined way.

The standout improvement to Wave Sequencing 2.0 is the way it splits apart the timing, the sequence of samples, and the melody, so that each can be manipulated independently.

Korg expands on Wave Sequencing 2.0 by stating:

“Every time the sequence moves forward, the individual Lanes are combined to create the output. For instance, a sample may be matched with a different duration, pitch, shape, gate length, and step sequence value every time that it plays.

“You can modulate each Lane’s start, end, and loop points separately for every note, using velocity, LFOs, envelopes, Mod Knobs, or other controllers. Each note in a chord can be playing something different!”

The Wavestate features a compact 37 full-size key design, 64 stereo voices, 4 layers with Vector control, 14 simultaneous effects,

The Wavestate will be released after NAMM, towards the end of January and will set you back about an Aussie grand. Take a look at the Wavestate in the video below and visit KORG for more information.