The Silent Sea run us through each track of their immersive new EP

Just a week ago, Perth outfit The Silent Sea dropped their incredibly immersive new EP The Sky Between Us. And well, it’s awesome – we’ve been spinning it ever since.

Listening to it felt like being drenched in lush sounds, so we caught up with the band to get their take on what went in to each track.

A week removed from releasing their incredible new EP The Sky Between Us, Perth band The Silent Sea give us a track-by-track run-through.


Replacer was written in late 2017 and I think we all knew straight away that we could have some fun on stage with this one. We’ve all been pretty big Radiohead fans for a while and I think that permeated through on this one.

Lyrically it’s about having an awareness of our subconscious operations – how we react to certain things and the origins of that behaviour.

Break Skin

One of our older tunes, this one is us getting emotional. This is Tom at his most self-critical. It’s about that feeling that you are never good enough, and that the more someone gets to know you the more they are going to find all the problems your hiding.

So, before they can see that side of you, you leave, or sabotage the relationship. We had the idea to put some female back-ups in that represented both sides of relationships. Our good friend Emuzen helped us out… she did a great job.

Hold On

Ahhh, Hold On… this tune was very close to being shelved – it’s first incarnation was a real Red Hot Chili Peppers 90’s vibe… but not in a good way. More Dave Navarro than John Frusciante! We got out of Perth one weekend, got drunk and threw a bunch of things at it and it became something completely different.

It’s just about trying to relax, take a deep breath and slow down…life moves so fast that in one breath we have a million things to do, all the while everyone is telling us to relax.

We constantly go back and forth between the two, between manic energy trying to get things done and knowing that you’re damaging yourself and have to slow down.

Found Another

A more upbeat number with a bit of a Smashing Pumpkins tribute on the outro. Lyrically it’s about not going along with the “norm” – being true to what and who you want to be and not buying into all the bullshit which media, government and society make you believe you need to be.

To achieve this, you just have to get away from everything that feels comfortable and safe.

In The Half Light

Basically this is our ode to the lord, Hans Zimmer! We wanted a big, cinematic tune to finish off the EP. It just builds slowly to a nice crescendo. As we grow, often those close to us growing up tend to drift away.

The people around you are what gives you energy so as they drift away, you feel this energy leaving you and is replaced by a sort of emptiness or an uncertainty about moving from adolescence to adulthood.

Listen to The Sky Between Us now.