The Snuts try to remain present on joyous new single ‘Millionaires’

Millionaires, the new preview of The Snuts’ imminent third album, is an upbeat ode to staying present. 

The Snuts have today (January 19) released Millionaires, the latest taste of their forthcoming third album Millennials.

An infectious stadium filler coasting on fuzzy guitars and electronic flairs, Millionaires takes square aim at society’s obsession with false happiness and materialistic gain, to the point where we lose sight of the present. 

the snuts

The incisive message is delivered through the sheer charisma of The Snuts lead vocalist Jack Cochrane, whose trademark husk flits from anthemic melodies to playful vocal riffs.

“Don’t you worry, we’ll be rich I swear,” he croons on a chorus destined for earworm status, “If love was money, we’d be millionaires.” 

Speaking of the lyrics in a press statement, Cochrane said “Millionaires is about the feeling of not wanting for anything, but surrounding yourself with the people in life that matter.”

Pairing this message with an equally optimistic sound, Millionaires is carried by a distinct pop feel, complete with sing-along refrains and an absolute catharsis of a chorus. 

the snuts

Millionaires is the latest track to be lifted from Millennials, The Snuts’ upcoming third studio album set for release on February 23.

The Scottish rock band have previously shared album tracks Deep Diving, NPC, Dreams and Gloria, all of which comprise Millennials’ broader ten-song tracklist. The project is described as a “tight, taut, fat-free masterclass in songwriting and production.”

The album is said to trace all “the pivotal moments” in the lives of Cochrane and his bandmates, recounting first loves, heartbreaks and “boiling points.”

Speaking of the record in an interview with Happy Mag, The Snuts revealed Millennials was the first project they recorded entirely in their native Scotland, and pulled back the curtain on the creation of lead single Gloria.

 Listen to The Snuts’ new single Millionaires below.