PACKS new record is full of warmth, thickness and a tangible sense of creative exploration

A product of its environment, let yourself be transported to the forests of Veracruz with PACKS viscous new record Melt The Honey

Madeleine Link, AKA PACKS, unleashes her second full length effort within the space of a year with Melt The Honey, released under Fire Talk Records.

With a drastic change of scenery, PACKS and her band mould the scenic, visceral energy of Mexico City into a tangible sweetness. Melt The Honey is begging to be waded through, full of delicious moments to sink deep within.

PACKS melt the honey dbut album

PACKS’ sophomore record was partially recorded in Casa Pulpo, an architectural marvel that includes zero straight lines.

This enhanced PACKS creativity, and allowed for her determination to be removed from her mundanity to be realised.

The climate is a huge part of Melt The Honey, one that can be felt in every moment of the record.

The eleven track venture is decorated with Link’s languid and croaky vocal, swimming with thick bass and loose acoustic guitar.

89 Days sets a relaxed, introspective tone. It introduces the versatility of Link’s ability as a vocalist, as well as the band’s gift for creating a palpable scene through their music.

Honey, in contrast, is vaguely reminiscent of LA’s breakout artist Blondshell, with a sense of sarcasm and brutal honesty that is tacit through each and every instrument, as well as Link’s intentionally lazy delivery.

Pearly Whites leans further into the grunge-esque quality of Link’s performance.

Fuzzy guitars with plucked acoustic chords in the background recalls Liz Phair‘s Exile In Guyvile, with all the understated drama and emotion.

A clear highlight, Pearly Whites crawls under your skin and stays there, using your veins for playthings.

This energy is picked up and carried by HFCS, albeit with a slightly more pop sensibility in its hooks.

AmyW is crisp and dark, unpolished yet deeply layered and complexly crafted.

Moving, jarring and enticing, we see a new side of PACKS with every new track. All of which culminate to offer a detailed picture of the artist we’re dealing with.

PACKS oscillates between subtle aggression and seductive apathy, Take Care an example of the latter.

Paige Machine and Missy both hold within them a luscious desperation.

With an almost 70s inspired production, the spoken word moment in Missy is potentially the most divine part of the whole record.

“I’m anxious and salivating”, sings link on Time Loop. If there were one lyric to sum up the entirety of Melt The Honey, that would be it.

There is no world in which PACKS does not explode from here on out. Melt The Honey is a remarkable effort, and one that deserves to be heard in all corners of the world.

Listen to Melt The Honey below.