The newest banger from The Southern River Band is smoking hot… literally

The Southern River Band are bringing back back feel good, ‘dance along and sing our your car window’ rock ‘n’ roll. With a fast, loud and cool edge, the latest track from these Thornlie Boys has come just in time for the summer wrap up.

If you’re a fan of those soundtrack quality, face up to the sky bangers, then this one is for you. Light the fuck up, it’s time to steal the AUX and blast Cigarettes (Ain’t Helping Me None).

southern river band cigarettes (ain't helping me none) single

The Southern River Band have proven they’re capable of delivering a true banger. Cigarettes (Ain’t Helping Me None) is an exciting introduction to what could be your new favourite band.

It’s not the most lyrically complex or poetic of songs, but Cigarettes (Ain’t Helping Me None) is plain old fun.

Brash, a bit messy and with a roughness around the edges that matches the band’s undone aesthetic, this is a single that could very well take them places. A great starting point to dive into more diverse, daring lyricism and complexity.

These boys have built a reputation around boozin’, schmoozin’ and bruisin’. Having cornered the pub-dwelling Perth music scumbag market (no shade, we literally love that market), the Southern River Band now have their sights set on world domination.

They’ve infiltrated the band rooms already. Once they hit the smoking areas too, there will be no stopping them. I see your game, SRB.

If you’re still not convinced, speak to anyone who caught their set at Queenscliff Festival. With rave reviews and a massive tick of approval from the audience, it was clear in everyone’s minds that The Southern River Band were a crew to keep your eye on. 

Heading to Victoria after a hometown show to promote the release of this single, the boys are eager and ready to hit stages and show just how fun a set from them can be. Taking over a bunch of venues across the state, there are boundless opportunities to get around the action.


Dates below.

March 17th – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth WA
March 29th – The Workers Club, Geelong VIC
March 30th – Cherry Bar, Melbourne VIC
April 1st – Boogie Festival, VIC
April 21st – Indi Bar, Scarborough WA