The unsung heros of the tracks that grip our heart The Evening Cast take us through 5 pieces of gear that deliver the goods

The gents and lady from The Evening Cast know what they are doing in the creation of music. They also possess the goods in terms of gear and they kindly let us into their gear realm so as to bring about deep craving and much of it.

In the world of music and the musos that bring it about, it’s usually the hair and finger flipping antics that grab headlines. The Evening Cast show us that there’s much to drool over in terms of tight, fresh equipment.

1969 Japanese Fender Telecaster Thinline


This guitar is my go to and one of my most sentimental pieces of equipment. In 2008 I took a soul searching trip to Japan, and spent a day in Ochanomizu, Tokyo on ‘Guitar Street’. It was incredible, store after store of new, used & rare guitars. I remember playing at least 30 telecasters and it wasn’t until the last store that I found this baby! It played so differently to the others and just felt right. It’s a semi-hollow body with a maple neck which sustains for days. It’s a really versatile guitar – I’ll never part with this one.

Strymon – Big Sky


The BigSky is the latest addition to my pedal board and the hype is real! I had my reservations with jumping on board the BigSky wave and its been a relatively slow process unlocking all its features as I like keeping it pretty simple with my pedals.

However the more I’ve explored and lost myself in it’s functions I soon understood what the hype was about – this pedal is amazing! We like having atmospheric layers in our songs and this pedal has been perfect in creating these. A friend put me onto the Strymon Librarian which allows you to customise your settings from you mac – if you own a Bigsky and don’t have Librarian I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Yamaha M-916 Mixing Console


We used this console on our latest long play recording ‘Belong’. Our bass player Ash Tricky doubles as a audio engineer and knows his stuff when it comes to recording equipment. He is the type of guy that is on eBay, Gumtree and all the gear forums 24/7 looking for his next purchase.

Ash found this desk on eBay a few years back from a guy on the Mornington Peninsula, and he tells me it was a bargain! But weighs a ton! These desk’s were built in the late 70’s and have transformers on the in’s & out’s which have been compared to the Neve type pre-amps, which are world class. So Ash was pretty excited to make this the centre piece to our recent recording. It has a noticeable warmth to it which complemented our songs to a T.

Pearl Fibreglass Series Kit


Our drummer Rod has an obsession with vintage drums and this has been his prized project over the years and gee has it paid off! It’s a 1976 Pearl kit and has all fibreglass shells. The toms are deep and warm with a fairly short sustain which keeps things nice and tight. It has the ability to slot into the mix without being over bearing like some other kits. Rod initially had a Pearl Export which he swapped with his mates old man for this, its a great story and proves good instruments are timeless! Rod pairs it up with Istanbul Cymbals, it’s a pretty sweet combo!

Nord Piano2 (the song writing machine!)


My brother Joel owns this. He used to talk about Nord piano’s all the time and one day a few years back he sent us a photo of himself and his young daughter sitting on a packed tram in Melbourne CBD with a Nord box that took up its own row of seats… I don’t think he had thought the plan through. Never the less, they eventually got it home and ever since it has been the backbone to the band and responsible for majority of our songs. It has the most realistic piano sound we have come across.

Check out the band’s killer new single right here. Lush stuff:

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