The Violet Stones run us through their favourite albums

Last week, when Western Sydney-based band The Violet Stones unveiled their debut single Intensify, we were immediately hooked on their blistering grunge sounds.

So fresh off the track’s release, we caught up with the band for a complete rundown on the albums that have influenced each member.

Fresh off the release of their debut single Intensify, we caught up with Western Sydney outfit The Violet Stones for a rundown on their all-time favourite albums.

JARROD: Black Label Society – Mafia

The Mafia album captivated me in such an awesome way; the guitar work, the harmonies and melodies all together were just beyond beautiful. Throughout, it wasn’t just heavy but evenly paced from a calmer groove to the beefy riffs Zakk is known more for and that’s what I love about this album.

Favourite song: Death March 

JARROD: Shinedown – Sound of Madness

This album from Shinedown was just phenomenal when I first can across it and have loved it ever since. The vocals from Brent Smith are amazing and Zach Myers’ guitar work is what kept me so stuck in this album as it just resonates with the rest of the band giving that full sound in music that I enjoy.

Favourite song: What A Shame

SARAH: Bully – Losing

This album has been one of the more recent influences on me personally. I just love their songwriting and how their melodies don’t always fit with the chords but it somehow still works. And it’s so fascinating how the songs are pretty simple but all the parts make it sound so unique and interesting.

I also love her voice especially her raw scream and I was lucky enough to see them live last year and the passion of their music was even more evident than on record.

Favourite song: Focused 

SARAH: Silverchair – Freak Show

Silverchair have been a really big influence on me and my songwriting especially when I first got into this sort of music. This album really stands out to me as it shows off their heavier side but still intertwines Daniel’s clean melodies to make a huge sound.

I also really love their use of dynamics and the production on this album is great. It’s something I’ve always strived to achieve.

Favourite song: Learn To Hate

NEIL: Tonight Alive – The Other Side

Tonight Alive’s album The Other Side is an absolute favourite of mine because every time I listen to it at a different point in my life it changes with me. For example Lonely Girl was one of my favourite songs of the album but after cutting ties with a best friend of mine it resonated with me more.

The album is full of dynamics and contrast which I adore. I get bored pretty easily so this album having huge riffs as well as emotional lyrics is why I love it so much.

Favourite song: Lonely Girl 

NEIL: Slipknot – Self-Titled

My other all-time favourite is Slipknot’s self-titled album. Corey Taylor is a lyrical genius and I’m a sucker for dark music with a message. These thrash anthems are filled with crazy percussion and infectious riffs that make me want to unleash and get wild.

My steering wheel definitely gets a beating from me trying to keep up with Joey’s insane drumming in the car.

Favourite song: Liberate 

MATE: The Dead Love – Wastelands

Favourite song: Wastelands

MATE: Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire

The Dead Love and RATM both have influenced me with their energy, vibe, and balance between the simplicity and complexity in their songwriting including, structure, instrumentation, rhythms, catchy riffs, well-written melodies and arrangements of songs.

I think they make their songwriting seem simple at times, whether that’s intentional or not, but it is done very smart and well thought out in my opinion. All the choices they make when it comes to the songwriting aspects in these albums are what influence me in my own writing.

I am intentional when it comes to structure, repeating rhythms, being in sync with the other instruments at certain times, playing dynamically throughout different sections in a song. Dead Love and RATM are geniuses when it comes to songwriting in these albums!

Favourite song: Bulls On Parade

Intensify is available now. Listen here.