The Voidz have a new track, co-produced by Mac Demarco and Kirin J Callinan

Julian Casablancas, perviously of The Strokes fame, has been working on new music with his band The Voidz. Their experimental rock is a departure from the stuff that made the frontman famous, but they’ve been killing the game with two albums under their belts.

But now The Voidz have released a brand new single, the first new music since their album Virtue dropped last year. The Eternal Tao plays with different styles, and a fair bit of auto tune, to produce something that’s pretty unlike anything The Voidz or Casablancas have really done before.


In a dream team moment, Julian Casablancave has dropped a new track with The Voidz, co-produced by Mac DeMarco and Kirin J. Kallinan.

Co-produced by Mac DeMarco and Kirin J. Kallinan, The Eternal Tao is a vibey dive into synths, strong beats, and cool tones. In a statement, bassist Jacob “Jake” Bercovici revealed what it was like working with Demarco and Kallinan.

“It was interesting to hear ourselves in a foreign sonic atmosphere, because we didn’t bring any of our own gear. Also the songs weren’t really fleshed out at all, and it was great to have their insights and energy injected into the process of finishing them.”

“They’re a dream team to be the studio with. Basically a lot of time fucking around, hunting for tones and vibes that felt cool, sanding down the stones into something more well kempt.”

Give The Eternal Tao a listen below.