These deer hanging out beneath cherry blossoms in Japan’s Nara Park are utterly magical

These will be the most breathtaking images you’ll see today. An array of deer have been captured sitting peacefully under the cherry blossoms that envelop Japan’s Nara Park, and the view is stunning.

The popular tourist destination normally sees people take part in photoshoots under the dreamy blossoms, however, due to the global pandemic, the park which is a short ride away from Osaka has become quieter than usual.

nara park, deer, japan
Image: @kikiphotoworks

What is usually a very busy Nara Park has been incredibly quiet lately, with only the local Sika deer left to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

Japan Guide has reported there to be over one thousand deer in the park, and that the animals are regarded as national treasures and peaceful symbols of the city.


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These gorgeous animals also love to be fed, and if you bow at them, some will even bow back as an indication they want you to feed them!

One visitor wrote online, “when we got the biscuits a lot of deer did run up to us, so just be aware of that. But they just want your biscuits!”

We’re sure the deer are enjoying a well-deserved break from the constant flow of tourists and what better way to do so than to be surrounded by the awe-inspiring views of Nara Park.

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