These original ‘Blade Runner’ storyboards reveal the magic behind its visual FX

Ridleyville is a website run by who we can only imagine is the biggest Ridley Scott fan ever. It features a trove of photos of his massive collection of props and memorabilia from Blade Runner, all of which he owns.

Blade Runner

These original Blade Runner storyboards from reveal the magic behind the film’s visual FX.

Amongst photos of screen and studio props, figurines, movie posters, and fan-made art, you’ll also find a collection of scans of the original storyboards from the movie, which are just incredible to look at.

Writing about the collection, Ridleyville says:

“Work in progress, this is just a few of the FX story boards i now have. I will not put them all up but i will certainly add some more over the next few days. I have about a hundred of these as well as some unique documents and some are completely hand drawn or written originals. I think that these are one of my favourite items.”

We can see why. Check them out below, and be sure to head over to Ridleyville to see the entire Blade Runner collection.

[via Dangerous Minds]