PREMIERE: They Call Me Max’s new clip Snake-Tooth Marrow will tear your heart apart

From listening to his past material, I’ve learned to have my heart shattered by They Call Me Max. Every line the UK artist speaks is weighted with raw, emotional truth – often not the type you necessarily want to confront.

This is what drives his emotionally charged new single Snake-Tooth Marrow.

The idea behind the title and the song is this feeling of being a poisonous person, and feeling helpless to stop your poison affecting people you love and care about,” Max has shared.

On his new single Snake-Tooth Marrow, They Call Me Max manoeuvres through expressive, poetic lyricism to conduct true self reflection.

With a haunting, minimalistic piano line setting the backdrop, Snake-Tooth Marrow constantly feels like it’s about to build to something huge – though it simply sits back, simmers away, and watches your heart melt away piece by piece.

They Call Me Max’s unique fusion of jazz, classical, hip-hop, and spoken word makes for a truly endearing listen, roping you in further with each incredibly expressive line.

I want my bones to open up / so you can see my snake-tooth marrow,” he sings.

The video is equally enthralling, seeing the vulnerable artist push out these achingly honest lyrics with all the pain you’d expect.


Catch They Call Me Max live on May 18 at Summer Festival Warm-Up, Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney Central, UK.