They grow up so fast! Dinosaur City Records turned 1 and took it to the next level over the weekend

Propelled by endless creative momentum, Dinosaur City Records are leading the charge for a deeply exciting local scene in Sydney.

Born in 2016 out of an art deco building in Hurlstone Park, Dinosaur City Records is the result of too many great bands on the scene that simply weren’t getting the attention they deserved.

They kicked off with the release of an eclectic mixtape and a massive launch in Newtown, and have since devoted themselves to hosting some sick parties and distributing the work of the best independent lo-fi/electro/what-have-you music this country has to offer.

Over the weekend they celebrated their 1st birthday with one such affair at Oxford Art Factory and the release of Mixtape #2. On the bill were a bunch of phenomenal local acts including Phanosland, Spike Vincent, Body Type, Cody Munro Moore, Glitter Graphixx, Sunscreen, Post Motel, Gauci and Greenwave Beth.

Entering the space you immediately got the feeling that everyone there was just like one big extended family; the vibe was warm and welcoming.

Glitter Graphixx were first up and set the tone with some always appreciated shoegaze, after which we slid nicely into an energetic, 80s tinged buzz with Cody Munro Moore.

Body Type took to the stage and demolished it while Sunscreen mellowed the crowd out excellently, before Spike Vincent went one louder on everyone’s asses. The whole night was a hazy fuzz fanatic’s dream and we are honestly way too keen for the next DCR bash.

Listen to the new mixtape in its entirety below:

[All photos by Dani Hansen]