PREMIERE: Atmospheric, anthemic and utterly authentic, Segers finally unleashes her potential on The Wandering

Occasionally, you’ll come across an artist with incredible amounts of potential seeping out of them. When you find these artists, it’s important not to let them go, to keep an eye on them, support their work, let them know just how good you think they are, and encourage them at every chance.

Segers is quickly becoming one of those artists.

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Ethereal, atmospheric and enwreathed in potential energy, The Wandering is a stunning step in the right direction for Perth’s Segers.

After releasing her debut EP Little Lines in 2014, Segers engrossed the triple j Unearthed audiences in her calm, stripped-back  folk tunes. Gaining airplay and positive reviews across the board, Segers then decided to jump into the studio with Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe, Meg Mac), to churn out this new lavish and rich cut, ensured to leave listeners hungry for more from the Perth songwriter.

With a jaunty, indie-pop instrumental underpinning the entire track, Segers’ voice is really what shines on The Wandering.

Amongst the layering of lush strings and distorted guitar plucks, the backbone of the track is both dramatic enough to carry a beat by itself and restrained enough to let the vocals take the forefront.

While Segers’ voice doesn’t reach extraordinary heights on The Wandering, the control she maintains by sticking to where she is most comfortable is powerful throughout the track. The song’s atmospheric buzz, diverse arrangement and, at times, anthemic instrumentals leaves The Wandering feeling significantly inspired by acts like The Jezabels and Lisa Mitchell.

The Wandering has started Segers on an upwards trajectory, showing new audiences what she is capable of. With an instrumental more developed and realised than ever and an authentic sound singing out as loud as possible, Segers has set herself up for a colossal 2017.