5 up and coming Indie labels set to change the game in 2016

Australia’s music scene, despite many recent detractors (cough…Mike) is vibrant and full and has the ability to constantly ply us lucky locals with unique, enticing and powerful new artists. We idolise and follow religiously those who create the soundtracks to our lives but what about the engines that keep these wheels in motion?

In such a tumultuous scene, the cliche of the struggling artists becomes more and more of a reality but, with the help of some legendary behind the scenes antics from industry savvy, passionate music enthusiasts, the world’s favourite artists of tomorrow have a platform to launch themselves and their music from. Local bands currently shredding the scene such as Ocean AlleyThe Ruminaters and even Sticky Fingers have been able to thrive with the support of labels that not only believe in them, but have the industry knowhow to spread the gospel of their sweet tunes far and wide.

Here, we take a look at five indie labels that are the true heroes of our beloved music industry and how they plan on conquering the world using their flame throwing artists as their primary weapons. These are the golden warriors of music, fighting for a world filled with glittering, glorious creations with inspiration leaking through even the tightest cracks by helping to release, record and distribute great music.

New inidie labels of 2016

Keen to know who will be the unsung heroes of the music industry of tomorrow will be? Here are the 5 indie labels who will be making big waves in 2016.

Partly Animals

The shining colossus vehicle behind roots-reggae royalty Ocean Alley (currently selling out shows in New Zealand, no less) is Partly Animals, a Sydney label head up by Dan Nascimento that’s just getting started with huge plans for future developments.

Partly Animals is based around the idea of an intimate, quality roster, servicing all aspects of the artists requirements to the highest level. The relationship is a two way street that keeps the ball in the artists court and allows me to do my job to the level that the artist wants to work at” says Nascimento of the label’s philosophy. Their plans for the future include slamming out some tours and new material from the current roster, then building upon their foundation by adding more unique and hard working acts to the mix.

Find out more about Partly Animals and what they’re up to here.

The Sunball Machine

An artist run label who have racked up almost ten years of touring, managing and playing experience can do no wrong. The Sunball Machine are built on bringing together artists and creatives in a community that helps to release and spread art evenly and and generously onto the warm toast that is the waiting ears and eyes of the world.

Their team states their musical mission loud and clear everywhere they go: “The Sunball Machine is an artist run, independent record label. We’re a bunch of pals who release really cool records, throw great parties and represent artists who’s music we love.” With Sydney band The Ruminaters heading up the roster and knocing it out of the park, the label is ready to build their team further and have a few artists lined up that they are salivating to reveal.

Check out the Sunball Machine here.

Third Eye Stimuli

Third Eye Stimuli was founded just last year and has already teamed up with a sprawling field of rock n’ roll daisies including garage rock aficionado, The Jim Mitchells releasing killer tunes and putting on band nights to showcase the music they’re truly passionate about.

Having also helped bands like The Grease Arrestor realise their musical potential with immense releases flying from every direction, Third Eye Stimuli are certainly helping to fly the flag for great Aussie rock music. The guys prefer to take a truly hands on approach with their artists stating: “Third Eye Stimuli Records is dedicated to exposing new music from underground artists, never heard before and might never be. We have our own functional digital and analog studio that can help with everything from tracking to mixing to mastering. If you’ve got the idea we can help bring it to life.”

Hear more from Third Eye Stimuli here.

Dinosaur City Records

Another Sydney based label set to melt faces in 2016 is Dinosaur City Records, just up and running and ready to fill you to the bursting point with great parties and even greater tunes. Built on a foundation of musical appreciation of the burning desire to have their favourite music heard by the masses, DCR are using every means at their disposal to make it happen.

The label were tired of seeing their mates’ incredible creations fall through the cracks and wanted to streamline the flow so as to create more traction.”We’ve started Dinosaur City Records, mostly out of spite of how many of our friends are writing such amazing songs. We at least wanted to compile all these good songs that were falling by the wayside into one place so there was a centralised momentum that peoples could listen to, a place to go and find interesting and exciting pop music.”

Go here to find out more from this label and their gorgeous roster.

Lazy Thinking

Lazy Thinking are a majestic dragon laying dormant in its cave, soon to be awakened and to unleash its majesty across Australia. With their first few releases and official signings due to be announced incrementally in the coming weeks, Lazy Thinking have already generated a nice buzz.

Built on a crazed passion for great music, the label takes a slightly different approach to gathering the artists that make up their roster: “We are particularly interested in a certain type of innovator; that can generate a successful international career, whilst never losing sight of their uniqueness in the contemporary musical landscape. Artists of singular, sometimes uncompromising artistic visions that still appeal to broad, international audiences. We really want to find, support and develop those kinds of Australian artists.”

Their love for music is evident in their philosophy and their inclination towards putting faith in unique bands rather than aiming for a “label sound” means they’re another label ready to put everything on the line for an artist they believe in.

Learn more about Lazy Thinking and their upcoming activities here.