People say this 1937 painting is “proof” of time travel

Many believe this 1937 painting “proves” time travel. The 85-year-old artwork features something that didn’t exist yet. Can you see it?

A piece of artwork painted in 1937 by Umberto Romano, titled Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield portrays the founder of Springfield, Massachusetts, William Pynchon, during the time of the city’s development. Despite Pynchon’s role as the supposed focal point of this piece, something far more intriguing (and puzzling) has captured people’s attention.

Featured to the right of Pynchon is a Native American man, who is staring at an object in his hand. The item distinctly resembles a smartphone, which of course, wasn’t even close to existence at the time. On top of that, he’s clearly making a “sorry, I need to take this call” gesture with his hand, to an onlooker. Weird, huh?

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Credit: David Stansbury / US Postal Service

As can be expected, Romano’s painting, which is currently displayed on the Smithsonian National Postal Museum website, has sparked heated debates online, due to its depiction of a piece of modern technology that was over 60 years premature.

Does it really resemble a smartphone that closely though? “Sure as hell does,” says Redditor, soraboutit. “Including the look on guy’s face, like he just saw his most recent post got downvoted into oblivion.” Another Reddit user, StonedEcho adds, “looks like they are going through the tied up guys browser history. Thinking maybe we should untie him he seems to be into this kinda thing.”