iOS 16 is now available for download, with new personalised features

The iOS 16 software update has been released by Apple for iPhone download, offering personalisation features for iMessage, lock screens and more.

Apple launched its next-generation iOS 16 software update on Monday (September 12). It is now available for iPhone download. According to Apple Newsroom, “iOS 16 brings the biggest update ever to the Lock Screen, the ability to edit and collaborate in Messages, new tools in Mail, and more ways to interact with photos and video with Live Text and Visual Look Up.”

Aside from the ability to generate multiple lock screens you can flip through and switch between, one of the other new features generating quite a lot of buzz is the ability to edit, and even unsend, recently-delivered iMessages. Let’s face it, we’ve all been waiting for that update to come through. Now you can quickly delete those late-night drunk texts to your ex!

Credit: Apple

The downside, however, is that this handy little feature only works if the person you’re texting has iOS 16 downloaded too. And not only that, the receiver will in fact receive a notification that you’ve deleted or edited the iMessage! But we guess that’s better than them reading the embarrassing paragraph, right?

Another one of the useful iMessage upgrades is being able to mark opened messages as unread, in order to revisit them when you’re not spaced out. Finally! No more situations where you mentally-reply to that meme from your bestie, but actually forget to type your hilarious response out! Well there you have it, folks. The iOS 16 software is available now as a free update for iPhones. Find out more about iOS 16 here.