This albino turtle is the cutest thing you’ll see today

Let’s face it, albinos get a pretty bad wrap. But you’ll be quick to change your tune once you get a look at the single cutest sea turtle the world has ever seen.

Alby 1

The wee albino green turtle, appropriately nicknamed Alby, was spotted by volunteers from  Coolum and North Shore Coast Care who photographed him as he made his way from his nest to the ocean at Castaways Beach, situated on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. President of the group Leigh Warneminde said “He was quite vigorous while walking from the nest to the ocean.”

Alby 2

According to the group Alby was a bit late to the party when he left the nest on Saturday, after his 122 siblings legged it towards the water the previous evening.

Alby 3

Alby 4

Sadly, only 1 in 1000 hatchlings manage to mature into adults. With his lack of camouflage, expected poor vision and vulnerability to UV radiation little Alby is in for a tough time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you little buddy.