This company is pressing a new artist onto vinyl every month and sending it to hundreds of listeners. For free

“We find the great independent artists of our time. We press them to vinyl.”

Every now and then you hear an idea so good you’ll wish you thought of it yourself. Feedbands‘ purpose is simple; to share music that would never be shared in this day and age. It’s a subscription based service that will ship vinyl and shirts to your front door every month at zero cost to the bands chosen.

Image courtesy of Feedbands.

Want to take a blind date with vinyl every month? Feedbands is your ticket into user-voted, new independent music on a dedicated schedule.

A music resource somewhere between triple j Unearthed and a dedicated A&R company, here’s how Feedbands works: musicians join and upload their music, which is then voted on by the website’s registered users.

Each month the highest voted artist is pressed onto vinyl and shipped to all current subscribers (at this point between 600 and 1000 pressings are shipped monthly). Users have the right to send each delivery back if they aren’t into it, and they will be sent an archived pressing instead.

It’s awesome to see any new form of music consumption, especially one that seems so simple and intuitive. Head on over to their website to join or find out more details.

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Via Consequence of Sound.