Grimes launches new Instagram dedicated to visual art

Your favourite weirdo Grimes has launched a separate Instagram account dedicated to visual art

Showing her dedication to the world of visual and fan art, Grimes has started a separate Instagram account solely to celebrate it.

Canadian singer/songwriter/artist/generally awesome woman Grimes has added one huge footnote onto the long list of reasons to fall in love with her by hosting a second Grimes Instagram page dedicated to the production, sharing and celebration of visual art.

Since the start of her career Claire Elise Boucher has more or less been the art director of Grimes, directing all of her own music videos as well as contributing her own art in conjunction with each of her releases. This new development takes that relationship to the next level. Behold, a Grimes Instagram that’s even grimier.

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this reminds me of playing w troll doll in the dark woods by @eremroyal

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The account will harbour a combination of her own art including ongoing tattoo projects as well as reposts of “sick fan art” which Boucher will choose herself.

Artists: this means any future fan art you contribute can incorporate @grimesartofficial as a tag. If you’re lucky, she might just pick you.

Check out some more of the art below:

👹👹👹 by @huesitosdeazucar i dig the unsettling surrealism that seems to pervade everyone’s thoughts

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!!!! by @aliib.artwork

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see this actually completely intimidates me — this is soooo good 👀. by @irving_m_art

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Check out Happy’s own section dedicated to visual art right here. 

Via Dazed.