This festival is bringing a 30-hour rave to the home of Luke Skywalker

If you’ve ever watched the original Star Wars and thought Luke Skywalker’s home would be the perfect location for a music festival, then you’ll love this news. Les Dunes Electroniques, a French and Tunisian electronic music festival, is on its way to Mos Espa.

The real name of the desert is Ong Jemel, which became the fictional home of Star Wars hero Skywalker. Just outside of Nefta in Tunisia, the Saharan desert is about to host 30 hours of “uninterrupted music”.

star wars set mos espa Les Dunes Electroniques

You can now head to a 30 hour rave in Luke Skywalker’s hometown of Mos Espa thanks to electronic festival Les Dunes Electroniques.

The ticketing website promises the festival to be out of this world (pardon the pun). It’s a 30-hour rave against the backdrop of traditional Tunisian dome top houses and the Star Wars set. And with over 30 local Tunisian, French and international acts, no doubt this will be one party to go off.

While the lineup hasn’t been released yet, tickets are already available. And at just $71.50AUD a pop for both days, you’ll have plenty of money left for a flight to Tunisia. And you’ve still got time to get everything in order. Les Dunes Electroniques kicks off over the weekend of September 21st-22nd this year.

Here’s hoping at least one act drops the Cantina song.