This footage of two guys flying with jet packs next to an A380 will blow your mind

An Emirates airlines flight acquired two unique wingmen, in the purest sense of the word. Some awesome footage of Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet flying alongside an airbus using jet packs has made its way online, and it is spectacular.

Jetpacks emirates

The pair are known as Dubai’s ‘Jetmen’, Rossy himself coming from a background of piloting commercial aircraft. “It was always a dream to fly without the constraints of being inside a cockpit“, he says. To complete the flight the pair went through three months of training with the Emirates staff, because you know, flying alongside a jet engine is a little dangerous.

We spent a long time preparing, going over every tiny detail in the quest for perfecting our first formation flight with the Emirates A380 aircraft,” Reffet said. “It is incredibly humbling to be a part of what is such a significant achievement for Dubai and the Jetman team.”

This story was first seen on Khaleej Times.