This is next level album promo: Japanese Breakfast just launched her own video game

Japanese Breakfast  – aka Michelle Zauner – recently released her excellent record, Soft Sounds From Another Planet via Dead Oceans. To celebrate, she also just put out a browser-based RPG game called BreakQuest, soundtracked by the songs from the album. Sick.

As Brooklyn Vegan note, the game is based around two characters, J. Brekkie and “Machinist,” the auto-tuned robot from the song of the same name that made it onto Soft Sounds From Another Planet from Japanese Breakfast’s abandoned sci-fi concept album.

Japanese Breakfast

To celebrate her new album Soft Sounds From Another Planet, Japanese Breakfast just launched her own browser-based RPG.

Here are more details on the game via Billboard:

“In the role playing game, you play as J. Brekkie, a young woman in a spaceship who is infatuated with Machinist, a robot who asks her to pull apart the spaceship in order to help it come to life. She enlists the help of friends along the way to help her battle aliens to get all the necessary parts, along with appearances by former tourmate Jay Som and references to other bands that have been part of Zauner’s life.

The browser game is sort of an extension of the Machinist music video I directed, that Adam Kolodny [cinematographer and frequent collaborator] and I sort of developed together,” [Michelle] says. “Making a browser game felt like another way to sort of extend the story. I worked closely with Elaine Fath, the developer, to have it make sense as a game. She was the one responsible for all of the gameplay, what steps you have to take to get through the end, as well as a large majority of the design.”

Play the game here. It’s pretty epic.